Meditative Relaxation at the workplace

We are thrilled to announce the start of our new weekly meditative relaxation groups at two academic establishments, Regents University London and The German School, and Surrey County Council.

The groups offer staff the opportunity to practice meditative relaxation in a supportive environment. “I have never done meditative relaxation before and the use of the Aums really helped me relax”, said one of the lecturers at Regents University.

Open to all staff, it gives them a window during their busy workday, to relax, clear the mind, rejuvenate, enhance creativity and collaboration, and boost their well-being.

A teacher at the German School had this to say, “I am very surprised, I had no thoughts, I feel very relaxed and calm”.

The relaxation groups are given by members of our association, completely selflessly, without any kind of financial benefit. As a non-profit association our work is supported exclusively by membership fees and donations.

Staff in the Workplace & Facilities department of Surrey Council had this to say of the sessions, “You talked about feeling the energy flowing through your body, and I could literally feel it flowing through my body, making my body tingle as it did so. It has been quite an eye-opener and look forward to the next session”.

Another added by saying, “I really enjoyed our team meditation session, I felt a deep sense of calmness and relaxation afterwards and body tingles from head to toe and my mind being at ease. It was really lovely to have that small mental break from the everyday stresses of work life”.