Relaxation for Goldsmiths University Fashion Students

Choo had attended one of our meditative relaxation groups in November, and in her own words was pleasantly surprised by what she experienced.

First my body was very relaxed. After the activity, my body felt very relaxed. Then I got a lot of peace of mind and was able to abandon some distracting thoughts, which also allowed me to focus on some things in life that are meaningful to me”.

Our relaxation group and the discussion afterward made such an impact on Choo, that she shared her experience with her classmates, all of whom expressed great interest, prompting Choo to invite us to offer a meditative relaxation group to her classmates at the university's premises.

Like Choo her classmates found the experience uplifting. Many said the timing was also perfect as they had been stressed with preparations for their final year projects. Some of their other impressions were, "It brought me happy memories, I feel happy", and another said, "I was tired before, but even though I fell asleep during the relaxation, I feel rejuvenated".

Her experience also inspired her graduation project which was about the use of contradictory space and visual illusion and the role of meditation in helping people change their mentality and re-examine what is important and meaningful in their lives.

The relaxation group was given by a founding member of our association, completely selflessly, without any kind of financial benefit.

As a non-profit association, our work is supported exclusively by membership fees and donations.