Know Thy Self Group
Know Thy Self Group
The way we think affects our whole life. The way we think about ourselves, the way we think about other people and our relationship with them, and the way we think about daily happenings in general, either makes things easier or creates difficulties.
Why not learn to think differently, see things from a broader perspective, make life better, and create greater balance and happiness?

This is what we do at The Servers’ Society UK Association. We learn simple and practical ways to know ourselves, bring balance and harmony within, have better relationships with all around us, and deal with the various issues we all face in everyday life with immediacy and a dynamic stance. And since we experience change in our lives, why not share the ways we did it with others so that they can be helped as well?

As we work on all the above, at the same time we offer the practical tools which we apply in our own lives, to the general public, and to anyone in the community interested in learning to think, see and live in a way that gives knowledge of the self, balance, happiness as well as an open mind and an open soul, therefore improving their lives in all aspects. And the more we offer, the more people are supported and helped, the better our own life becomes.

Founded in London in 2013 and formalised in 2022, we are a non-profit, non-dogmatic, and non-religious association, and at the epicentre of all our activities is the human being and the potential we all have to be well in life. Our work is inspired and supported by the practical philosophy and work of the non-profit The Servers' Society (Omilos Eksipiretiton) in Athens, Greece, founded in 1980 by poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis.

To Learn about The Servers’ Society in Athens Greece click here.