You learn to relax, you start meditating. You begin gradually to become aware of your being, to know your self more and more. Nothing is the same again. You see yourself, others and life with new eyes. You see the essence of situations, of events, of people. You're full of energy and have an appetite for action. And then you realize in fact everything that you thought differentiates and separates you from others is only in appearances and not in substance.

So why not spread the peace, balance, and joy you experience? Why not share something you learned, something you lived through, something that helped you? Why not support someone in any way you can? And since you're already experiencing this and you know it in truth, why not give it to those around us?

Selfless service means just that: I give, I offer to others without asking for anything in return. Because I understand that I and the others are in essence the same. I don't have to separate things anymore. I don't fight myself, so I don't fight others.

And most importantly... I know I'm not a battery with a limited amount of energy that drops if I give it away. Rather I am in constant union and flow throughout life, therefore accessible to its infinite power, renewal and rejuvenation.

I give to everyone and everything without asking for anything, in any way. With a positive thought, with a smile, with a conversation, with material help if I can, by believing that everything will be fine, by just being happy and calm inside me. And the more I give, the more energy, the more love, the balance comes into me. And I'm fine. It's that simple!

This is the cornerstone of the association's entire operation and work.

Selfless Service