Our groups are for anyone interested in realising their true self, the immense power that exists within, and the infinite potential to be well in every area whilst also living the joy present in every moment.

We believe that each person is a magnificent being that has the potential to transform his or her everyday life into a life of balance, creation and why not, happiness - and to help others do the same. Together as a group we study and synthesize all currents of human thought, creation and expression (poetry, literature, the fine arts, philosophy, science etc.) with the aim of developing the knowledge of the self and of finding their essence so as to apply it in our everyday life and be well.

Meditative Relaxation

Body-emotions-thoughts. And a huge potential of energy flows through each one and from one to the other constantly. And we, in everyday life, are sometimes emotionally charged, other times we think with great intensity, or we wear out our body. In reality, relaxation is the balancing of this potential of energy within our body, emotions, and thoughts. So the body is revitalised, the emotions calm down, and the mind clears.

Whether it is done in the morning to begin any tasks we have to do, or during the day to be rejuvenated and to balance the tensions, or at night before we go to sleep to bring calmness inside us, relaxation is a simple method with immediate results.

Through it, we get rid of any tension and bring wellness. At the same time, it is the first and basic step to deepen into the Self with meditation.

Creative Meditation

Each moment, each day we live, each second is creative meditation.

If we are to be well, we are called to create and through that to express our ontological nature. With creative meditation, we learn to unify the opposite sides within us and bring spirit into manifestation in our everyday life immediately, simply, and practically. We learn to gain insight on a matter and then act out in life; and because we act, we live and experience the joy of creation.

There are no dead-ends through creative meditation. Every thought, every movement, and every action brings the answer, the solution, the broadness, the revelation… because energy follows thought; because within us lies everything. We are set free of restrictions that we might feel, we act and experience bliss.

The Knowledge of the Self

There is no greater knowledge than that of the self. In this group we learn to deepen into the nature of our self. To study our thought processes because the way we think affects our whole life. We learn to observe our function and various aspects through the body, mind and emotions.

The group is structured around lessons on a variety of topics. The lesson notes are titled "Spiritual Healing in Our Lives", because of their practical nature and focus which is on how we can be well in our everyday life. These lessons offer group members the opportunity to learn how to deal with the various issues encountered in life, in relation to people and situations in a simple but meaningful way. Together we learn to have an open mind, to discern the unity that exists in everything, to act with immediacy overcoming insecurities, fears or egos. To turn every moment into a moment of joy, union and creation.

Energy Balancing Movements

In this group, we learn to become aware of the conscious repetition of the rhythmic movements of our individual bodies and of the whole group. We learn that every movement we make is a dance; personal, group, planetary dance.

We make certain symbolic movements that place us in the flow of nature, of the universe, of our own Self: they place us in the harmonization of the opposites within us, the awareness, the power, the broadening but also in the dissolution of inertia, of restrictions, fears, and weaknesses.

We act through both internal and external actions. We act as we consciously channel the uplifting of all fields, situations, all emotions, and all thoughts. We act because we are in the flow, the constant flow. We harmoniously express all fields. And this harmony grows and becomes consolidated within us, it spreads out to the group, it balances the energies and forces, and becomes joy, creation, and healing.