What we learn and teach is this: how to learn to live free, beyond norms and external rules, but through the deepest inner obedience to our Entity and to the Entity of others.

It all begins with the Knowledge of the Self. The human being always wants to know. From the beginning of our existence, everything new and unknown interested and lead us in searching, investigating, learning. And this huge desire for knowledge is the power that each time sets in motion development, evolution, and progress on all levels.

Until at some point, after getting to know the natural world and its phenomena to an extent, we began to turn inwards to ourselves. Looking deeply into how we behave and function. And as we sought the original substance from which the world was made, so too we began to seek the substance in our own existence.

It is the yearning to "know ourself" which makes the difference.

This is the work on the Knowledge of the Self which we consistently and methodically teach and learn. To study ourselves in all its manifestations, to develop even more the elements that we like, to change what we do not like, to deepen into the essence of things and finally to get to know the one truth that contains all truths: that all imperfections is perfect and the nature of each one of us without exception is happiness.

And how things change when this "nature" becomes our "stance", that is, when we begin to see more consciously that we are all already complete regardless of the fact that we have not expressed it yet! Because how can you limit the human being's ability to express strength, will, love? Is the possibility of being well limited because things are changing around us?

Every human being is like a snapshot of the Universe itself. You only see some of its characteristics, but you know that it actually consists of infinite suns, galaxies, infinite energies and forces and that its nature is constantly expanding.

And all this is done simply and specifically through the three main axis with which we work:

  • The observer

  • Relaxation & Meditation

  • Selfless service to our fellow human beings.

Knowledge of the Self