Illness is not only a physical or psychic pain but every weakness, lack of willpower, and resistance to act and manifest our dynamic self. Therefore healing is the process of diminishing and dissolving all these negative situations.
Spiritual Healing

Every one of us functions and expresses ourselves through our body, emotions, and thoughts. They are what we call the three carriers which constantly interact with and influence each other. We are in a state of balance when there is a harmonious flow of energies and forces between the three carriers. However, this balance is disrupted when our function and expression through either of them are either overactive or neglected. It is the resulting imbalance that brings about diseases (dis-ease) either physical or psychological.

Spiritual Healing is the means by which we restore the harmonious flow of energies and forces in these “three bodies of our existence”. Through it the energy that has perhaps accumulated in one specific area is released and begins flowing freely, whilst those parts of ourselves that are perhaps weakened, become stronger and more resilient.

The Spiritual Healer acknowledges the Entity, the spiritual nature, within everything: within his or her own self, within the patient and the illness, and within the reasons that caused it working with an absolute interest in the patient’s health.

Spiritual Healing is not about an alternative therapy, but about practicing a life stance through which every patient can be helped and healed. This is also why everything we learn via our groups is termed Spiritual Healing in Our Life because it is about the knowledge and education we receive in order to “heal” weaknesses, overcome problems and assist people with difficulties, building healthy human relationships.

Spiritual Healing Group
  • Spiritual Healing is undertaken by members of The Servers' Society Greece and this fundamental work continues steadily since 1980 when the group was formed. Offering selflessly to anyone who asks for it.

Spiritual Healing & Traditional Medicine
  • Spiritual Healing is by no means against traditional medicine, nor does it intervene in its work in any way. Patients continue to receive consistently any treatment recommended or medical instructions given by their medical doctor.

The Patient
  • Requests for spiritual healing can be for any health problem, physical, emotional, or mental.

  • All personal and medical information shared with the healing group is treated as private and confidential.

  • Healing is offered completely free of charge, with no monetary or other obligation. Nor is it necessary for them to be members of our Association.

How to Receive Spiritual Healing
  • At present spiritual healing is offered at a distance to patients in the UK. If you wish to request for receiving spiritual healing this way, you can download the relevant document by clicking here.