One of the three main axis of our practical philosophy for the Knowledge of the Self, is how to be conscious every moment of the day through the use of the observer.

What's an observer? It is our function to be conscious as we speak, walk, eat, drive, work, watch TV or now that we read this text. Every moment, that is to say to observe ourselves and see the thoughts that go through our minds, the feelings we feel and the situation that our body is in, for example what attitude it has, if it hurts, whether it is tight, relaxed or rested etc and how these three, body-emotions-thoughts, interact with each other. Simple observation of ourselves without criticism or evasiveness. The observer does not criticize or interfere. It just observes.

And if you're wondering what this function might help us with? How is the observer going to help me in a quarrel at work, or by cleaning the house, or why bother when I'm having a good time and I'm happy? By knowing the state of our body, emotions and thoughts at all times, we actually know ourselves. We can see what we don't like and, because we become aware of it, it starts to change. We see what we like about ourselves and these, because we know them consciously, begin to grow even more.

If you're not conscious of the moment you're living in, then you just don't live it, you cannot change anything, you can't improve anything, you can't transform anything. That is why, above all, the observer gives us the great gift of living in the present, in every moment and not getting lost in memories of the past or in the "dreams" of the future. We learn to be conscious every moment and to live consciously, to know what we're doing, to know what we're thinking. And to put it differently to enjoy the beautiful, to work for the difficult, to understand ourselves and to understand others.

And since we're here, essentially present in every moment, then we can really be co-creators in life, and be well!

The Observer